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  • My occupation is An Author, Gamer, and Critic
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  • Demon Killer

    Alright!!!! I am about to host a tournament known simply as the B.A. Grand Championship.

    Ladies and gentlemen, we all have been waiting for a day to finally see who is the best amongst heroes and a day with great glory. So hince I am telling you today willl be that day. The B.A. Grand Championship may not be familiar with some of you but I will tell you these details; heroes, anti-heroes and villains all over the internet will be allowed to enter in this tournament and before people get all excited. This tournament will be a "Win or die" meaning once you loose a match your out, no more until next time. People are allowed to enter with either a representative(such as a real anime/live-action/CGI character) or there own created character. So …

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